South Carolina Organ Donors Save Record Number of Lives

Keegan’s gift saved 4 others

Allison Johnson Miller is proud of her son; 17-year-old Keegan Johnson brought a smile to people on and off the field and court. We say he was born with a ball in his hand,” said the mother of three. “He loved sports.”

But three years ago on Feb. 2, everything changed.

“At 6:45 this morning three years ago, Keegan suffered a stroke in front of me at home; we took him to the hospital, where he later underwent two emergency brain surgeries, on this day.”
After just days in the hospital, Johnson Miller’s oldest child after a sinus infection attacked his brain. Although Keegan died on Feb. 5, 2020, one choice he made meant his legacy would live on in dozens of lives across the nation.

Watch Keegan’s mom share her son’s legacy story