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CelebratingOurDedicatedPartnersand the Life-SavingWorkThey AccomplishEveryDay

The Gift of Grand Strand wall with signage honoring the gift of life.

Making donation and transplantation possible requires strong collaboration and dedicated partners to ensure that every legacy is able to be left and every life is able to be saved every single time.

Professional Partnerships
From nurses and physicians to funeral home directors and coroners, our diverse professional partners help us honor the legacies of our South Carolina donor heroes each and every day.

Donate Life South Carolina

Staff at We Are Sharing Hope SC works hand-in-hand with Donate Life South Carolina to educate our communities and promote donation throughout our state. Together, we work toward a South Carolina where every person says “yes” to donation.

MUSC Transplant Center

As South Carolina’s only full organ transplant center, MUSC Transplant Center works closely with We Are Sharing Hope SC staff to facilitate the gift of life. Our teams work in partnership to recover and transplant organs from South Carolinians to South Carolinians.

Miracles in Sight

Working with Miracles in Sight, we help to facilitate cornea donation and streamline the communication to donor families at the time of donation.

Association of Organ Procurement Organization (AOPO)

As South Carolina’s federally designated organ procurement organization (OPO), We Are Sharing Hope SC is an accredited member of AOPO. This member organization advances organ donation and transplantation by driving continual improvement of the donation process, collaborating with stakeholders and sharing best practices with their OPO members.

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