South Carolina’s Generous Organ Donor Spirit Sees 47 Percent Growth in 4 years

In 2018, 181 South Carolina organ donor heroes saved 472 lives, showcasing consistent growth in donation spirit from 2015, when 123 organ donor heroes saved 374 lives.

We Are Sharing Hope SC (SHSC), the not-for-profit, federally designated organ procurement organization serving South Carolina, is proud to announce that in 2018, the people of South Carolina said “yes” to organ donation 47 percent more often than in 2015; this serves as a testament to the generosity of those who register themselves and their families who say “yes” to saving others through their selfless gift.

“The people of South Carolina continue to leave lasting legacies locally and across the country with their altruistic decision to give life to others,” said Dave DeStefano, President and CEO of We Are Sharing Hope SC. “Those 472 recipients who received a second chance will be forever grateful to the hero who saved their life.”

The number of people who generously donated tissue to heal others also continues to grow across the state. 292 South Carolina tissue donor heroes provided life-enhancing gifts for potentially 22,000 people – 42 percent more tissue donors than in 2015.

Nationally, more life-saving transplants took place than ever before, with an astounding 36,500 transplants occurring in 2018. This represents a 6th consecutive year of increased gifts being shared with others.

“We are incredibly proud and grateful to have facilitated a record number of lifesaving organ transplants in 2018,” said Sue Dunn, president of the OPTN/UNOS Board of Directors. “We never forget that our work is made possible by the selfless donors and their courageous families who make the powerful decision to give the gift of life.”

In South Carolina, more than 1,000 people are awaiting a life-saving transplant and nationally, more than 114,000 are dependent on the generosity of people making an altruistic decision to say “yes” to the Gift of Life. Individuals can register to be an organ, eye or tissue donor at, by saying “yes” at the SCDMV or through the iPhone Health App Medical Tab.