BJU Hosts Week-long Organ Donor Campaign

Bob Jones University recently held Donate Life Week, a weeklong campaign to raise awareness for organ donation on campus.

Above: As part of the BJU Donate Life Week dedication ceremony, Pettit handed the Donate Life torch to BJU alumna and living organ donor Margaret Stegall. Left: Student body presidents Judah Smith and Ali Zimmer signed a proclamation on Monday to establish BJU Donate Life Week. (Images via


We Are Sharing Hope SC education coordinator and BJU graduate Ian Dyke recently sat down with Vicki Olachea of The Collegian to discuss the inspiration behind BJU’s decision to participate in National Donate Life Month.

Olachea explained that BJU alumna Margaret Stegall and her organ donation story was the main inspiration for BJU’s participation in the Donate Life celebration.

“Stegall decided to donate a portion of her liver to a fellow BJU alumna after seeing a Facebook post on the BJU alumni page. Her story appeared on several local news platforms, including WYFF and the Greenville Journal.” – Vicki Olachea, The Collegian

Dyke knew that “because of Margaret, [organ donation awareness] was really fresh in the campus consciousness” and explained that the COVID-19 pandemic played a role in We Are Sharing Hope SC’s choice to partner with BJU for their Donate Life celebration.

“We’re going to different organizations that have a thread in the fabric of South Carolina’s culture.” – Ian Dyke, We Are Sharing Hope SC

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