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National Minority Donor Awareness Month provides a dedicated space to address the needs and disparities in donation among communities of color. In South Carolina, communities of color make up over 65% of those waiting on a second chance. This month we are honoring the gift of life and creating a culture of hope by saying YES to organ, eye, and tissue donation…normalizing the conversation, addressing the need, and breaking down common myths and misconceptions. Join our efforts, educate yourself, and say YES to the gift of life.

Edelena smiling while holding sign and quote "As a black woman and a person of faith, I SAID YES!"
Rev. Williams proudly holding sign over head and quote "As a black man, a Baptist paster and kidney recipient, I SAID YES!"
Rev. Hurston smiling while sitting on a bench holding a sign and quote, "As a black woman, an educator and an AME paster, I SAID YES!"
Miriam and young son smiling while holding Donate Life banner and quote, "As a black woman and mother of a heart recipient, I SAID YES!"

“Once I got my new kidney…I realized, OH! This is what feeling good feels like!” says Everett German, Kidney Recipient.

“I am the language of hope,” says Edelena Butler, Public Education Coordinator! Say YES to organ, eye, and tissue donation today!

Normalize the conversation of organ, eye, and tissue donation with you family, friends, and community today.

“National Minority Donor Awareness Month stems from National Minority Donor Awareness Day, founded in 1996 by the National MOTTEP to bring heightened awareness to donation and transplantation in minority communities. Outreach activities during this month include events to provide donation education, promote healthy lifestyles and disease prevention to decrease the need for transplantation.”

Learn more from the resources available at AMAT.

> A Personal Decision


The Public Education team at We Are Sharing Hope SC is committed to investing in the community, answering questions and inspiring others to make their donation decision known.

Organ and tissue donation is a very personal decision and by addressing the misconceptions that exist, SHSC is working to create a culture of donation in South Carolina – one “yes” at a time.

Collage of a woman smiling and signing a poster at an outdoor pride event and donor mother and daughter holding up candle and painted piece of art.

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  • Donor Registration Drives
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  • Nonprofit and Religious Organization Presentations
  • Race For Life
  • Donate Life Month
  • Blue Green Days
  • Hope Connects Facebook Show
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  • Legislative Advocacy
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