Kendall Beau Mohr Alejandro

Kendall Beau Mohr Alejandro

Donor Hero

Kendall was a beacon of light and kindness in her community of Indian Land, SC. Growing up as the youngest child with two older brothers, Nicholas and Joshua, Kendall blossomed into a young woman of strong morals and compassion. Her vibrant spirit shone whether she was cheerleading, participating in ROTC or being a steadfast friend.

Described by her husband Juan as having “the biggest heart”, Kendall navigated life with joy, determination and a zest for fun. Juan and Kendall met in high school, and he reminisces about how she was not only his beloved wife but also his best friend and soulmate. He says her presence “brightened his every day”. Her father Craig echoes this, reflecting on Kendall as the epitome of a wonderful daughter, wife and friend, whose empathetic nature was at the core of her being. Kendall’s love extended to her pets, showing her nurturing side was all-encompassing.

Tragically, at just 21, Kendall was lost too soon. Yet, her legacy continued in the most selfless way – through donation. Unknown to her family at the time, Kendall was a registered organ donor, a decision they honored wholeheartedly. Her mother Kelly, father Craig and husband Juan agree that her decision to donate captured the essence of Kendall’s altruistic spirit of always putting others first. On October 27, 2022, Kendall saved multiple lives through her gift of donation.

For Kendall’s family, the journey through grief has been challenging, yet comforting, knowing that Kendall’s spirit lives on through others. Her story is a powerful testament to the impact that one life can have on many. In honoring her wish, Kendall’s family hopes to inspire others with her story of kindness, bravery and the ultimate gift of life, hoping that others will embrace donation as well.