Ian Michael Roof

Ian Michael Roof


Ian would be pleased that others have benefited from his life. We hope that his ability to donate parts of himself brings everlasting peace to the recipients and that they can enjoy life to the fullest as he did every day.” 


“On January 22, 2023, our son and brother, Ian Michael Roof, suffered a series of massive strokes.  Over a couple of days, it was clear that his joyous, energetic life would not recover.  We believed that, at one point, Ian was a designated organ donor, but we could not find the appropriate documentation.   Nevertheless, we were confident that Ian would have wanted others to benefit from his life, hence the beginning of our association with We Are Sharing Hope SC and the organ donation process. Ian passed away on January 25, 2023, and we were later informed that others benefited from his generous gift.  We sincerely hope that the recipients are healing and have been able to enjoy a healthier daily life and all the wonders that come with feeling well.  

From the start of his life, Ian was active, and this continued into adulthood. As a young child, he would get home from school and go straight to the kitchen table to complete his homework before getting outside to play. Playing and having fun were at the top of his priority list. He was an exceptional athlete, perhaps more because of his hard work and understanding of playing the games than his natural ability.  

Ian attended the University of South Carolina and received a BA degree in 2009. During one semester, he played on nine intramural teams, including men’s basketball, co-ed basketball, men’s soccer, co-ed soccer, men’s dodgeball, and co-ed dodgeball. We often wondered how he even completed that semester successfully.  

He continued his education at a local community college and received a degree in Radiology Technology.  He worked as an X-ray technician and then obtained credentials to do MRIs.  His last job was conducting MRIs at a local hospital. We have been told that he was very good at this job, mainly when dealing with children who had to have scans.  His ability to put people at ease was his gift.  His co-workers said, “Ian called himself the ‘backbone’ of that department, and they agreed with that assessment.” 

Ian was loyal to others, and people gravitated toward him for his friendship. He was a good listener, provided sound advice, enjoyed laughing, and was by all accounts the life of any party.  He was asked to be a groomsman at more weddings than most of us have ever attended in our lifetime- that is how special he was to others.  His quick wit, willingness to help others, and outgoing personality endeared him to many.  His passing has left a void in the lives of countless people, including his extended family, childhood friends, former teachers, coaches, close friends, current co-workers, neighbors, and new acquaintances. This is evident by the overwhelming support we continue to receive from so many, including the We Are Sharing Hope SC staff.”