Carrie Seawright

Carrie Seawright

Donor Mom

Kenneth can be described as inspirational, passionate, and considerate. Someone who just met him could say he was loving, caring, and giving. He was the type of person who wanted to make a difference in the life of others, and we hope the community would remember that he was a young man who loved his community, and he was willing to help them in anyway he could.

Carrie Seawright, donor mom, remembering her donor hero son, Kenneth.
Kenneth wanted to live and let live.

On February 14, 2010, my youngest son, Kenneth, was murdered. He was tragically beaten. February 14, 2010, Valentine’s Day, was my son Kenneth’s birthday, and it was also the day he died. A part of my life also died with my son. I will never be the same. The death of my son has had a devastating impact on my life.

Kenneth loved everybody. He was very quiet and very respectful. He would give you his very last of anything if you were in need. My son was reared by his father and mother in a Christian home. He was taught to treat everyone the way he wanted to be treated. He believed in the bible, and he believed in praying. If anyone spoke with my son, they would say he constantly acknowledged God. My son was a young man of integrity, a minister of the Gospel at New Covenant Reviving Souls Ministry Church, and a Barbering Instructor. My son, Kenneth, was also once a Business Owner and Operator of Results of a Blessing Barber Shop in Columbia, South Carolina, and Gastonia, North Carolina. My son was a poet and a motivational speaker.

There are four people living today because my son’s organs were given to help save them.

One who received an organ donation was Kenneth’s brother, my oldest son Anthony. Anthony was on dialysis for five years before he received his brother’s kidney. My son valued life and did not try to take life.

It means a lot to be involved with We Are Sharing Hope SC. I am grateful for the network of support and grief resources. This organization has been extremely supportive, and it has provided an opportunity to share my story and allows others to know that there is still life after death. We Are Sharing Hope SC also allows us to share the importance and impact of being an organ donor.

Thank you for this opportunity to honor my son’s legacy.