Update on COVID-19

We would like to take a moment to thank all those who are doing their part in saving lives and flattening the curve.

If that means you are working on the front lines and interacting with patients who might be exposed to COVID-19, thank you. Your sacrifice is felt and honored. If that means you’re staying home to protect our community and bring an end to this pandemic, thank you. Your adjustment to a new normal is recognized.

Regarding donation and transplantation in SC, we are working to enact new plans and protocols to navigate these unchartered waters. We’re staying ahead of regulatory changes and maintaining strong relationships with our hospital and transplant partners to establish and ensure clear communication channels that will best help us serve the people of SC. We have been able to remain mission-focused and continue to facilitate the gift of organ and tissue donation throughout the month of March and look forward to being able to continue doing so in the weeks and months to come.

As April is upon us, we have been working in partnership with our donation programs across the state to provide a full calendar of events to engage our community and promote the gift of organ and tissue donation. In these trying times, it’s important to recognize the impact of something like COVID-19 on our transplant recipients, so we want to promote social distancing, but also remain virtually connected.

Again, thank you for being a part of our commitment to honoring legacies and saving lives. We are here for the people of South Carolina and continue to look for ways to inspire our community, offer hope and change lives through the gift of organ, eye and tissue donation.