One Person, Many Lives

We Are Sharing Hope SC chief executive officer David DeStefano recently contributed an enlightening piece to NonProfitPRO on the parallels of the COVID-19 pandemic and organ donation.

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DeStefano emphasized the power that one person’s decision has when it comes to other people’s lives, COVID-19 and global health.

“If we follow the practices recommended by the CDC, we keep ourselves and each other safe from the virus in the short term. In the long term, we save and extend the lives of our friends, families, neighbors and others we may never meet. We ensure the virus gets halted. One person’s decisions can change the course of countless others’ lives, and of COVID-19 and global health.

Similarly, for those who elect to become organ donors, a single decision saves the lives of up to eight organ recipients and enhances the lives of more than 75 tissue recipients. This ripple effect is one our organization has seen time and again for decades, but it is painfully relevant for the health of the global community, more so than eight, or even 75 others. More than offering a selfless gift at the end of our lives through organ donation, we now have the opportunity to extend this powerful, story-changing selflessness with the simple act of staying where we are.” – David DeStefano, We Are Sharing Hope SC

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