We Are Sharing Hope SC Celebrates a Milestone Year in 2023

We Are Sharing Hope SC (SHSC), South Carolina’s nonprofit organ and tissue recovery service, reflects on their 2023 unprecedented milestones and growth, showcasing the exceptional generosity of the South Carolinian community.

In 2023, more families in South Carolina demonstrated remarkable altruism by consenting to give the gift of life, a significant increase from previous years. As a result, SHSC honored the legacies for more organ and tissue donors than ever before. These milestones underscore the profound impact of donation and the spirit of generosity shown across the state.

“Every life saved in 2023 is a testament to the generosity of our community and the dedication and passion from our teams.” said Dave DeStefano, SHSC President and CEO. “I am inspired that so many said “yes” to hope in a moment of immense tragedy and grief. The most selfless gift and a lasting legacy.” Stewardship of the gift was represented across all departments of the organization and throughout the state of South Carolina. In May, as a result of advocacy and perseverance of 68 lives were saved from organ donation and over 3,000 life-enhancing grafts through tissue donation.

A pivotal moment occurred in October 2023 when SHSC tissue recovery teams conducted the recovery of our first brain for research and education. This educational initiative provided staff with a unique opportunity to participate in the recovery process and deepen their understanding of brain anatomy.

In recognition to their commitment to growth and opportunity, SHSC received several prestigious awards, including the Top Inspiring Workplaces, the Lowcountry Diversity Leadership Award, and the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce 2023 Diversity Champion of The Year award. Additionally, they were honored with the Live Healthy SC Dr. Rick Foster Leadership Award, recognizing positive workplace culture and leadership.

“As we reflect on recent achievements and the positive workplace culture we are fostering, I am grateful to be a part of such important work and the lives being saved and legacies honored.” said Krystal Cau, SHSC Director of Communications. “Together, we are committed to further educating and inspiring our community to spread hope across the state and to those we serve.”

To learn more or to register to become an organ and tissue donor, please visit: You can also register at any SC DMV or on the iPhone Health app.

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