As the Director of Quality Services, Trisha Skinner is responsible for leading the quality systems, process improvement practices, compliance activities, and audits. Trisha works diligently with all departments within the organization to continue developing a quality culture.

“To give the healing gift of donation, both to the donor families and the recipient, is one of the most compassionate causes I could imagine working towards,” says Skinner.

Trisha has a professional quality management background, particularly in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. Her journey began in a hands-on role in floor quality for a neonatal care drug company, ensuring the quality of essential medical products.

Throughout her career, Trisha has consistently fostered team building and customer service-oriented approaches that achieve goals and maintain high standards. Trisha earned certification as a Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt and is committed to continuous improvement and efficiency to advance and refine Quality Systems.

A Louisiana native, born and raised in Walker, Trisha enjoys spending time with her family, reading, wildlife rehabilitation, and traveling.