As the Director of Tissue Recovery Services, Michael Palmisano leads a team of skilled individuals with extensive knowledge of all tissue recovery processes, processor requirements, donor eligibility criteria along with regulations and standards.

With over two decades of dedicated experience in the healthcare sector, 10 of those in the OPO industry, Palmisano is a seasoned professional committed to delivering top-notch care to patients, donors, and staff. As a result for his exceptional contributions in his field, Palmisano was awarded the prestigious 2023 Kenneth W Sell Memorial Award from the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB), honoring his dedication and expertise in the OPO and tissue banking community. Michael also serves on the Board of Governors for the Association for Multicultural Affairs in Transplantation (AMAT), where he actively contributes to the advancement of diversity and inclusion initiatives in the transplantation field.

His leadership style is marked by innovation, enabling him to pinpoint opportunities for enhancement and craft inventive solutions that streamline workflows, cut costs, and elevate overall outcomes. Michael’s commitment to fostering continuous improvement is exemplified through various initiatives, whether it’s introducing cutting-edge technologies, implementing best practices, or developing comprehensive staff training programs. At We Are Sharing Hope SC, Michael’s steadfast dedication lies in ensuring positive outcomes at every turn and placing a premium on quality across all facets of his work.