The Director of Organ Utilization and Outcomes at We Are Sharing Hope SC, Traci Adams helps to develop and shape the next generation of staff to continue the mission of organ and tissue donation.

“The magnitude of donation, of the literal gift of life, has captured me for 20 years,” Adams says. “We all want a way to serve, to feel we have added to the good of humanity. And this is my way.”

Adams and her team are charged with developing and growing not only new and tenured staff, but a new department within the organization.  Their role is to develop clinically sound and competent staff who embody the core value of being stewards of the gift. The hope is that by the end of initial training and introduction to the organization, and through continued professional development, SHSC staff will not only be clinically trained, but have a comprehensive knowledge of donation.

Adams has worked at We Are Sharing Hope SC since 2001 through various roles to include starting as a Clinical Donation Coordinator, Hospital Development and now the Director of Clinical Training and Professional Development.

Adams and her family live in Charleston, SC and can often be found boating.

Traci’s Areas of Expertise: Organ Recovery, Management