Passionate about her work at We Are Sharing Hope SC, Kristine works every day to tell the stories of South Carolina donor heroes, educate the community and compassionately support donor families through their healing journey.

“I’m inspired each day by the families who, in their darkest moments, choose to be the sliver of hope for those awaiting their life-saving second chance,” says Neal. “I’m humbled to be a small piece of their donation journey and am grateful for each donor family I’ve had the honor of working with in my career.”

In her role, Kristine oversees the Public Education/Public Relations team, managing the strategic development of community outreach and public education programs throughout South Carolina. Kristine also leads the Donor Family Services Aftercare department, providing compassionate aftercare to donor families. Kristine leads annual fundraising efforts, builds and maintains community relationships, serves as the We Are Sharing Hope SC spokesperson, and addresses local, state, and national public affairs as they pertain to organ, eye, and tissue donation in South Carolina.

Neal began her donation career at TransLife (now OurLegacy) in Orlando and has spent more than a decade serving the mission of organ, eye and tissue donation. Prior to that, Kristine also worked in communications at American Express, the City of Maitland, the City of Tamarac and the Apple Organization. She obtained her Bachelors in Public Relations from the University of Florida and her Masters in Public Administration from Florida Atlantic University. Kristine is also an Accredited Public Relations professional.

Kristine and her husband and two children live in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

Kristine’s Areas of Expertise: Public Relations, Community Outreach, Donor Family Services, Media Relations