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South Carolina's Organ and Tissue Recovery Service

Our leadership is at the core of our business, a team that has been with us for many years, serving the people in and around South Carolina. When former President and CEO Nancy Kay founded Sharing Hope SC in 1984, she founded it with the hope of advancing organ, eye and tissue donation transplantation and research in South Carolina and the United States. One of the first ten agencies that offered organ procurement services in the United States, Sharing Hope SC started off as a small organization with four employees doing primarily kidney recovery and has since grown to 105 employees doing kidney, heart, liver, lung, and tissue procurement. Certified by the federal government, Sharing Hope SC is the designated Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) for organ recovery services in South Carolina and actively provides organ and tissue donor services to 62 Hospitals throughout the state.


Together we inspire our community, offer hope and change lives through the gift of organ, eye and tissue donation.


Every individual embraces organ, eye and tissue donation to save and enhance lives.


Compassion – the ability to recognize and the genuine desire to alleviate the distress or misfortune of others.

Accountability – the acknowledgment and assumption of responsibility for one’s actions and decisions, including the obligation to report, explain and be answerable for resulting consequences.

Integrity – being honest and truthful with consistency of character.

Excellence – the commitment of ourselves to continuously improve and seek to exceed recognized performance standards.

Stewardship – honoring the gift by delivering a superior experience for all, sensing their needs and exceeding their expectations.

Unity – a condition of organizational harmony encouraging teamwork, collaboration and celebration of diversity.

Our Leadership

2018 Board of Directors

Henry Gibson



Gerald Wilson, M.D.


SC Medical Association

Stephen P. Williams


At Large (law)

Kyra Morris



Rick Foster, M.D.

Sharing Hope SC Medical Director

Organ Recovery Services (ORS)

SC Hospital Association

Timothy Whelan, M.D.

Sharing Hope SC Associate Medical Director, Clinical Affairs (ORS)

MUSC Medical Director of Lung Transplantation

Kimberly Collins, M.D.

Sharing Hope SC Medical Director, Tissue Services

Forensic Pathology

Derek DuBay, M.D.

MUSC - Chief, Division of Transplant Surgery

Matt Jones

Volunteer Health Organization


Rozalynn Goodwin

SC Hospital Association

George Jenkins


C. Oliver Moore


2018 Advisory Board

Joyce Griffin

Hospital Administration

Michael Ward, MD

Chief Medical Examiner

Walter Limehouse, MD

Assistant Professor

MUSC Emergency Medicine

Jacqueline M. Ong

Police Officer

Forensic Investigator

Gary Watts

SC Coroners Association

Tom Glisson

SC Chaplaincy Association

Skip Mikell

SC Morticians Association

W. Scott Fowler

SC Funeral Directors Association

Lauralee L. Brown

Regional Director

Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation

Executive Team

David DeStefano

Chief Executive Officer

Theresa Craft

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Thomas

Chief Clinical Officer

Leadership Team

Brenda Smith

Director Communications Center

Joe Spitz

Director Information Technology

Lorraine Kemp

Director Quality Systems

Traci Adams

Director Hospital Development

Kristine Neal

Director Communications

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In 30 short minutes, three people will be added to the national transplant list, where approximately 120,000 people in the U.S. and over 1,000 in South Carolina are waiting for a life-saving transplant - 22 of those people will die today before receiving one. A single donation can make an enormous difference, both to the donor’s family and the recipient.

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